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Types of Acrylic Signs

We offer several types of signage solutions, such as:

  • Wall-Mounted Acrylic Signs: These are often used for office directories, room numbers, and building signage. They give off a clean and modern look, and are highly customizable, which means fitting them to your brand image is incredibly easy.
  • Acrylic Panel Signs: These are most commonly used for indoor signs such as reception areas, lobbies, and conference rooms. They can be clear or colored, giving off a sleek appearance.
  • Acrylic Cutout Signs: By using laser cutting, we can create your signage in any desired shape, logo, or lettering. This gives it a more dimensional and eye-catching look that cannot be replicated.
  • Illuminated Acrylic Signs: Make a bold statement and attract attention even at night with this signage. They are made using LED lights which provide energy-efficient illumination. For businesses open at night, they make for a great signage solution.
  • Acrylic Standoff Signs: These are mounted with decorative metal hardware, creating space between the sign and the surface. It makes for a lovely 3D effect that people will surely notice.
  • Backlit Acrylic Signs: Combine the benefits of acrylic signs with backlighting! It allows for high visibility and a significant impact.
  • Engraved Acrylic Signs: Engrave text, logos, or any brand design into the surface and show off your permanence. If you would like to have some contrast, consider filling it with paint to give it a lovely look.

No matter what you choose, you must always remember that they all come with their own benefits. The best thing any business can do is reflect on their brand tone, their messaging, and work with trusted sign makers to design a sign that works for their brand.


Why Choose us for Acrylic Signs in Arlington?

OakSpy Signs & Graphics has years of experience under its belt. We work closely with our clients from design to installation so we can ensure that their project exceeds their expectations. We want to help you turn your business into the most functional and beautiful place possible.

When you consult with us, we will be able to give you an inside look at our process and provide you with a timeline and an estimate. After that, focus on your business while we take care of the rest. Your experience with us will be so easy that you will want to partner with us for all your future signage needs.

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