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10 Refreshing Wall Mural Ideas for Your Business Establishment

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Murals are visual communication tools that go from one end of the wall to another. Since the ad space is larger than most signs, you have more opportunities to showcase impeccable designs and impactful messages. Listed below are some ideas that you can add to your facility.

  1. Teleport Your Customers With Custom 3D Wall Murals

We can produce murals that feature the most popular landmarks to teleport the diners of your restaurant, and make them feel that they are having an authentic meal on the other side of the world. Since 3D murals are characterized by hyper-realistic designs, customers will surely enjoy this one-of-the-kind experience.

  1. Narrate Your Company’s History

We can also use these murals to let the public know about how your business grew and succeeded over the years. We can even feature some of the most notable leaders of the company, especially its founder.

  1. Creatively Explain Your Production Process With Fort Worth Wall Murals

From raw materials to the final product, your manufacturing process can be creatively showcased through the murals as well. We can include high-definition images or well-made graphics paired with a brief explanation of each step.

  1. Feature Branding Elements with Business Wall Murals

A great way to highlight your company’s best and most unique qualities is by including various brand-related elements. From your signature colors and fonts to your slogan or company mission, these messages, when combined can generate a profitable branded environment.

  1. Engage with Consumers With Fort Worth Wall Murals

You can put up fun trivias about your company, scannable QR codes, product infographics, and other designs that tickle the interest of your customers. Putting these up in the right areas can even help reduce wait times because customers are busy looking at something.

  1. Display Photo-Worthy Artwork With Custom 3D Wall Murals

Nowadays, a lot of people intentionally go to establishments that have cool and unique features that are picture-worthy. As your trusted sign-maker in DFW, we can help increase foot traffic by making murals that showcase impressive 3D designs.

  1. Add a Motivational Wall

Offices can often feel sterile and cold, partly because of how the spaces are poorly decorated. However, you don’t have to stick to plain wall colors just to create a professional work environment. Our team can help produce designs that help creativity, productivity, and other positive feelings that increase employee morale. For example, we can incorporate colorful designs in the office area of your marketing department so that they will feel more motivated to work.

  1. Create An Accent Wall

Murals are known to be dramatic but that’s not always the case. If your brand strategy is a bit minimalist, you can stick to creating an accent wall to make the space a little brighter and more interesting.

  1. Use Wall Murals to Feature Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Does your coffee shop exclusively source coffee beans from small, independent farmers? Does your pet store strongly promote animal rights and welfare? Do you want to raise more awareness of the importance of switching to eco-friendly products at your retail store? Whatever your cause may be, OakSpy Signs & Graphics can beautifully feature them on your walls.

  1. Put Up Designs That Improve Customer Experience

Our team can install murals in your spa that feature images of a tropical paradise to help relax your customers. At large theme parks, we can even showcase maps of the entire property so that guests can find their way easily.

Where Can I Find the Best Business Wall Murals in Dallas and Fort Worth?

OakSpy Signs & Graphics is one of the best-rated visual communication manufacturers in the DFW area. We utilize top-of-the-line equipment, premium-grade materials, and foolproof marketing strategies in all the projects that we work on. Having a high standard ensures that your signage investments generate long-term, profitable results.