Wall Murals in Fort Worth, TX

Replace standard wallpaper with beautiful and customized designs that reflect your company’s personal touch

What is a Wall Mural?

Decorative wall murals are fabricated from digitally-printed vinyl sheets that showcase full-color and crisp designs. Since they go from one end of your wall to another, you can easily display impressive large-format images or illustrations that complement your branding requirements. Unlike traditional murals that take several days to paint and completely dry up, these will only need a few hours to install.

What makes wall murals & decals different from regular office wallpapers is that they don’t come in repeating patterns that often look old school or outdated. They come with a multitude of customization options, making them perfect for businesses in different industries.

If you want to transform your commercial facility in Fort Worth, choose OakSpy Signs & Graphics as your trusted signage partner. Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom sign-making process and the different types of wall murals that work best for your needs. 


Uses of Wall Murals on Your Fort Worth Business

  • Create a memorable and unique atmosphere that complements your building design and brand.
  • Solidify your brand to stay top-of-mind with leads and patrons.
  • Display an impressive gallery of your awards and accolades.
  • Showcase brand locations all over Fort Worth and beyond.
  • Recognize the company’s influential founders or leaders.
  • Promote your signature, newly released, or most popular products and signature services.
  • Motivate employees with office wall murals that feature motivational words.
  • Connect with your Fort Worth target audience.
  • Creatively narrate your brand’s history.
  • Provide directional cues and directories.

3D Printed Wallpaper in Fort Worth, TX

Do you want your business to stand out with unique office mural ideas? 3D wall murals feature jaw-dropping optical illusions that can transform any space and make it look out of this world. Depending on how well the designs are executed, you can easily teleport customers to another place, make the room appear wider, attract new customers, increase your foot traffic, get employees excited about their workplace, and so much more. 

Install Your Custom Wall Mural With Us

Installing wallpaper murals requires training and experience. The application method must be done carefully and meticulously to avoid any bubbles, ripples, or tears. As for large-format exterior and interior wall murals, special tools and techniques must be used to complete the process efficiently.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, you can count on OakSpy Signs & Graphics to give you top-of-the-line installation solutions. We take pride in having some of the best highly skilled wall mural installers near you. Our services include treating the walls to ensure that the Fort Worth murals will last for many years. A few additional steps we do are arranging the panels, cleaning the surface, patching up cracks and holes, applying coats of primer, removing excess adhesive, and smoothing out any imperfections. 

Paris Decorative Wall Graphics by OakSpy Signs & Graphics

Your Reliable Source for Fort Worth Murals

OakSpy Signs & Graphics produces resolution, vivid, damage-resistant, and long-lasting business wall murals. As sign-making experts, we can put your brand’s best foot forward and develop an unforgettable ambiance that will ultimately lead to brand reinforcement and sales. By utilizing premium quality materials and machinery, we are able to maintain the quality of all our signage products, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

If you want to learn more about the cost of wall murals in Fort Worth, be sure to contact one of our representatives today. 


Murals are digital prints of high-quality images, photos, or illustrations applied to a wall as visual art. Murals are created from digital photographs and other images by using high-end vinyl printers. They are then applied directly to walls to add color, depth, textures, and visual appeal to enhance the interior or exterior spaces of your business.  

Murals are different from the old wall-to-wall wallpapers mainly used to decorate homes in place of paint. Wallpapers typically depict repeated patterns and prints, while murals are visual art representing high-quality photos of real-life imagery, scenic views, or abstract art. Murals may also represent company logos and lettering aimed at increasing brand awareness. Murals can be easily changed, moved, or reapplied, unlike wallpapers. 

Murals are printed onto various materials, including latex, fabric, paper, and laminate. Vinyl is also popular because it is long-lasting and easy to work with—it’s our material of choice. The choice of images or art is virtually limitless as any artwork can be printed with high quality onto a mural. 

Murals are used as a design statement to add character and beauty and serve as captivating signage solutions for every business premises. Murals are an effective way to portray and visualize your brand to your customers. 

Murals can express your company culture and increase your brand awareness to attract and connect with new customers. Murals are also proven to motivate and keep employees happy, fostering a better work culture and job satisfaction.

Murals can be used to engage with customers and influence their perception of your business. Murals use lettering, typography, a branded logo, scenic views, or ambient colors and patterns. They can be applied from corner to corner, wall to wall, or floor to ceiling as desired. 

Murals made from high-quality laminate or vinyl are resistant to wear and tear and can last quite some time, but this heavily depends on the conditions surrounding the mural. If you want a better idea, we recommend you contact us for a consultation.

Murals can be printed on a wide variety of materials. The complexity of your design, the size of the mural, and the choice of material will determine how much any particular mural will cost. At Oakspy Signs & Graphics, we are happy to provide a detailed cost analysis for your murals, so get in touch with us immediately! 

Typically no. Certain parts may stay intact when you have a vinyl mural uninstalled, but we wouldn’t want to install it anywhere due to something like that not meeting our quality standards at that point. 

Murals come in different types depending on your requirements. They are also applied to your premises’ exterior and interior spaces as desired. You can choose your preferred material, including vinyl, laminate, fabric, paper, or latex, and then have your digital art printed from photographs, logos, and brand lettering. Whatever your need, Oakspy Signs & Graphics have you covered. 

If you are looking for murals in Fort Worth, TX, then you have come to the right place. Oakspy Signs & Graphics have years of experience delivering high-quality, bespoke murals to clients in Fort Worth, TX. For detailed consultation with our team, get in touch immediately!