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Wall Wraps for Business Space in Fort Worth

What is a Wall Wrap?

If you want to create a fresh new space for your business but don’t want to waste time and spend large sums of money on repainting and renovating, we highly recommend that you invest in commercial wall wraps instead. These signs are fabricated from premium-grade vinyl that’s highly resistant to fading, peeling, and other forms of minor damage. Since the designs are expertly made on a software and laser printed on vinyl sheets, you have more freedom to get more creative. Our team here at OakSpy Signs & Graphics can provide expert solutions to ensure that your vinyl wraps aren’t just eye-catching and inviting but memorable and effective in communicating whatever message you want to portray.

The Most Common Types of Wall Wraps:

  • Full Vinyl Wall Wraps for Office: These vinyl signs cover the entire wall space from one corner to another. Due to their size, these are ideal for large-format and impactful designs.
  • Partial Wraps: As the name implies, only cover a specific portion of the wall. These signs are great for companies that want a more minimalist or subtle wall design. If you want to learn more about which signage type works best for your business, please book a consultation with one of our Fort Worth representatives today.


Usages of Wall Wraps for Your Fort Worth Business:

  • Boost the Ambiance: Custom vinyl wall wraps are perfect for revamping the look and feel of your facility’s ambiance. With the right design elements, they can be utilized to create a branded corporate environment.
  • Maximize the Available Wall Space: One way to make the most of bare hallways and reception areas is by putting up interior wall wraps. You can showcase the brand’s signature services or most famous products as a way to build your reputation and earn the customer’s trust.
  • Connect With People in a Meaningful Manner: Corporate wall wraps are fantastic tools to narrate your brand’s success story, history, values, business structure, awards, accolades, and other important company details. You can display famous quotes and encouraging words to help increase employee morale.
  • Indicate Wayfinding Information: Did you know that vinyl wall wraps for offices and establishments can also be used for displaying maps of the entire area? These are perfect for large properties, such as resorts, theme parks, elementary schools, and children’s hospitals.
Custom Wall Murals for Business by OakSpy Signs & Graphics, TX

Where Can I Find the Best Wall Wraps in Texas?

OakSpy Signs & Graphics produces a wide variety of visual communication solutions for businesses in Fort Worth and nearby areas. One of our specialties includes custom wall wraps that are vibrant, hardwearing, and long-lasting. Unlike ready-made generic wraps that can be bought online or in stores, our signs are tailored to complement your branding strategy, interior or exterior design, communication needs, and marketing goals. Thanks to our highly trained installers, your signs will look seamless and not easily peel off or get damaged.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of wall wraps? Book a consultation today to get started or call us at (817) 591-1231.