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Digital marketing has changed the way businesses engage with customers and promote their businesses. However, some traditional forms of advertising are still highly effective for getting the message across in a meaningful and impactful manner.


Custom post and panel signs are a multi-purpose visual communication solution. They are a great alternative to a more permanent sign solution for those who prefer short to medium-term messaging. These are typically installed outdoors to get the attention of passersby and motorists.

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Popular Types of Post and Panel Signs

  • Aluminum post-and-panel business signs: If you want to invest in signs that look modern and have all-weather durability, we highly recommend that you check out aluminum post-and-panel signage. We make them in several ways, such as fabricated with a natural metallic finish, custom painted, or backed with laminated vinyl.
  • Foam core post and panel signage: For business people who want signs that are hard-wearing, cost-effective, and lightweight, we suggest that you have them made with foam core. Depending on your preferred design, our manufacturing team can have them painted, routed for a carved-wood effect, and surfaced in a stucco finish.
  • MDO post and panel signs near you: This signage type showcases a smooth white finish that is readily painted. We typically recommend them for temporary applications, such as at construction sites.
  • Combined post and panel signs: It’s not uncommon for us to create signs made from several materials. If you want to invest in marketing solutions that are unique, eye-catching, and damage-resistant, we can incorporate different signage types to achieve that. This is why we highly recommend that you reach out to us to better understand the sign-making process.

Common Uses of Post and Panel Signs

  • Brand Reinforcement: These outdoor business signs help promote your brand so that it becomes a familiar name that locals trust.
  • Site Identification: These signs are typically utilized to indicate business addresses and inform the public about ongoing construction projects and other important information.
  • Wayfinding: Post and panel signs are also great for displaying arrows, directional information, and even tenants occupying your facility. When customers see them, they will feel that the company cares about their convenience and safety.

Cost of Post and Panel Signs

There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of these signs. It includes your preferred materials, design, installation type, illumination style, and size. Since OakSpy Signs & Graphics produces fully custom-made signage, we recommend that you book a consultation with us to get a free estimate on the specific type of sign you have in mind.

Top Commercial Post & Panel Signs

OakSpy Signs & Graphics in Fort Worth produces high-quality visual communication solutions for businesses from various industries. We pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated, talented, and experienced specialists who go above and beyond in every project that we work on.

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