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Truck Wraps in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Technological advances have shifted how business owners advertise their products or services and connect with their target market. Despite the dominance of digital marketing, some traditional methods remain relevant and profitable for brick-and-mortar facilities in Fort Worth.

Custom truck wraps are manufactured from hardwearing vinyl that is incredibly resistant to fading, scratches, and other minor damages. They are fantastic tools to transform regular vehicles into mobile billboards that effortlessly gain 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions.

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The Best Types of Truck Wraps for Your Fort Worth-based Business

  • Full vinyl truck wraps: If you want to impress potential customers within a few seconds, we highly recommend that you invest in professionally made full truck wraps. They cover the entire exterior of your vehicle, allowing you to showcase full-color and large-format designs. What’s great about complete truck wraps is that they also protect your vehicle’s original paint from different weather conditions.
  • Partial truck wraps: These vinyl signs only cover specific areas on your trucks, depending on your design, message, and preferences. Although they look less drastic than full wraps, these signage solutions are still effective in communicating with potential clients who don’t typically pass by your physical store, shop, or office.
  • Truck graphics: They are simple yet effective tools to demonstrate your company’s legitimacy and make your truck appear more official. Apart from your logo and company name, truck decals can also display your address, website, slogan, contact number, and other important information.

Benefits of Investing in Custom Truck Wraps

  • Reach more for less: It is common for various kinds of marketing channels to charge you for every impression your advertisements gain. You might even end up going beyond your original budget. The good news is that you enjoy unlimited impressions and advertising hours with vinyl wraps without additional cost.
  • Amplify the customers’ perceived trust: When Fort Worth locals see your wrapped trucks, they will get a sense of your company’s professionalism. As a result, they will be more willing to transact with your employees who are on board the vehicle. This is especially needed for businesses that perform services at clients’ residences, such as home cleaning and landscaping.
  • Maximize your efforts and assets: Do you deliver packages or transport goods? Whatever your errands within and beyond Fort Worth may be, you can simultaneously promote and reinforce your brand through vinyl vehicle wraps and decals without additional effort on your end.
  • Non-intrusive advertising: Aggressive marketing efforts drive customers away. They can rate your business poorly, bad-mouth your company to their family and friends, and switch to competitors instead. Thus, if you want an effective way to positively influence your target audience’s brand preferences and purchase behaviors, we highly recommend that you invest in commercial truck wraps. 

Your Reliable Source of Top-Notch Truck Wraps in Fort Worth

OakSpy Signs & Graphics takes the lead on producing eye-catching and memorable business truck wraps in Fort Worth. As industry experts, we make sure to only utilize premium quality materials and equipment to maintain a high standard on all our signage products. Whether you need visually appealing food truck wraps that trigger certain cravings or custom truck graphics that simply outline your address and contact details, you can count on OakSpy Signs & Graphics to create solutions that are worth the investment.

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Many entrepreneurs invest in commercial truck wraps because of their impressive longevity. High-quality truck wraps typically last up to five to seven years before they start fading, peeling, and showing any signs of deterioration. With proper care and maintenance, these signs can even last longer. Talk to us to learn more.

If you want more people to discover your brand and establish a sense of trust when going around the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth, wrapping your commercial trucks is definitely a must. They gain hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions each day without additional or effort costs on your end.

There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of your truck wrap signs. It includes the complexity of the design, signage type, and size. If you want to get a free estimate on a specific signage type, please get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists today.

No, high-quality truck wrap signs don’t cause any damage to the vehicle’s paint. In fact, full wraps protect the paint from scratches, fading, peeling, and other types of minor damage. This way, you don’t have to worry about repainting or repairing the vehicle in the future in case you want to remove the wraps and sell the old trucks.

Truck wrapping is an effective way to transform ordinary vehicles into advertising and branding mediums. When people see these signs, they will immediately get the impression that your company is reliable and legitimate. In the same way, you are maximizing the time and effort spent by your workers who are going around town using said trucks.

OakSpy Signs & Graphics is home to some of the most talented signage artists in the area. To make your commercial truck wraps, we start by learning about your branding requirements, marketing goals, and target market’s preferences. This allows us to curate the best designs that add value to your company.

If you choose OakSpy Signs & Graphics, please be sure to bring your truck in cleaned up and ready to be wrapped. Doing this ensures we can wrap your truck seamlessly and as efficiently as possible while having it be long-lasting.

If you want your truck wraps to be removed, you don’t have to worry about learning how to do it yourself and buying the necessary tools because OakSpy Signs & Graphics can do all of that for you. We start by using a heat tool to gently melt off the adhesive from the corners. Next, we skillfully peel off the vinyl layer to reveal the vehicle’s surface.

Yes, truck wraps are excellent advertising tools. You can use them to showcase vibrant, colorful, and high-resolution print ads from day to night. They have the lowest cost per impression among all advertising types. They can also be updated as frequently as you wish, allowing you to continuously get creative with your marketing methods.

OakSpy Signs & Graphics offers full and partial wrap solutions. This means that the dimensions depend on your preferred wrap type as well as the size of your trucks. We highly recommend that you get in touch with one of our representatives to get more details about your custom truck wraps.