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Commercial Building Signs in Fort Worth

What is a Building Sign?

Commercial building signs are visual communication and marketing tools that help your business grow and thrive in the industry it belongs to in Fort Worth, TX. There are numerous uses for building signs for your company, such as increasing your foot traffic and providing easy-to-understand directional cues. As our local signage partner in Fort Worth, OakSpy Signs & Graphics will assist you in choosing the best signs for buildings that meet your needs.


Popular Types of Building Signs in Fort Worth

  • Canopies: These are similar to commercial awnings, except that they are supported by poles and cover a wider area. They are commonly found in bars, cafés, or restaurants in Fort Worth with outdoor seating areas.
  • Hanging signs: Fort Worth is booming with various kinds of businesses that compete against each other. If you want your establishment to stand, you should invest in the best building signs near you since they are incredibly visible from different angles, even from afar.
  • Dimensional letters: These exterior building signs are created using individually cut letters. They are perfect for private offices, law firms, medical clinics, and other establishments in Fort Worth with a professional atmosphere.
  • Awnings: These innovative outdoor building signs for business are installed over storefront doors and windows. What makes them special is that they display your trademark while functioning as a shade for customers queueing outside.
  • Banners: These budget-friendly and multi-purpose signage solutions are ideal for announcing short-term events such as special promos and construction projects. With proper care and maintenance, they can be reused multiple times and can last for many years.
  • Blade signs: Unlike other outdoor signage, these are installed perpendicular to a wall above eye level to draw more attention. For added durability, we highly recommend that you have them made with Dibond, Alumalite, or Dura-wood.
  • Engraved metal plaques: These sleek signs are ideal for displaying basic details, such as the names of lawyers in a firm and their office hours.

Your Trusted Source for Top-Notch Building Signs Fort Worth, TX

OakSpy Signs & Graphics is not just your ordinary printing shop. We are a leading building sign maker in Fort Worth that is committed to providing practical and effective solutions to businesses. We use state-of-the-art machinery and materials to ensure that your signage investments are not just visually appealing but also resilient to inclement weather.

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Building signs refer to signs on commercial structures used by businesses to convey information around the building. It can be through symbols and text chosen by the companies or the company’s logo. Since building signs can be the first interaction a business has with the customer, they should serve as instant visual communication. Building signs have different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Signs found in front of building structures are sometimes referred to as marquee signs. However, most people refer to them as exterior or outdoor building signs. These signs showcase an intended message to the outside world, intending to draw customers into your business.

Commercial signage includes any symbols or texts that you use as a business to brand or advertise your products, goods, services, or the company itself. In addition, it includes any materials that identify your business, whether on location or offsite from the area of the business.

A building sign depends on the type of business you have. At OakSpy Signs & Graphics, we offer various building sign options to suit your signage needs. The building signs available to you are primarily classified into three major classes. The indoor signage ranges from murals, window graphics, and door signs. Others include wayfinding signs and restroom signs.

Secondly, there are custom business signs which rely on your custom sign design. They are primarily based on your company logo, name, or channel letters.

Finally, there is the option of outdoor signs such as informational signs, monument signs, parking and traffic signs, and dimensional lettering.

The durability of a building sign depends on two main factors, the materials used and the placing of the sign. At Oakspy Signs & Graphics in Fort Worth, we use durable materials such as premium vinyl decals and PVC that align with your budget to meet your building signage needs and offer a long-lasting signage experience for years.

Building signs are more efficient when placed in areas with high traffic of people and sites where they are visible. Therefore, you can have Oakspy Signs & Graphics install them inside your business premises on windows, the lobby area, and your office walls. On the other hand, exterior signs can be placed on top of the building facing the road, outside windows, and the entrance door.

The primary purpose of building signs is to convey your brand’s or business’s information in the shortest time possible to the people in the area. In addition, they can be used as decorative elements for your business. Therefore, your signage should be able to grab attention, pique the viewer’s interest, and inform and leave a lasting impression.

The prices of building signs depend on several factors, such as the type, material used, and size of the sign. Therefore, visit or contact our establishment to get a detailed price estimate on the building sign you need.

For building signs in Fort Worth, TX, contact Oakspy Signs & Graphics. We offer many unique ways to brand your business, giving you an outstanding signage experience.