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ADA Restroom Signage in Fort Worth, TX
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5 Important Characteristics of ADA Restroom Signs

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Custom bathroom signs are a must-have for all kinds of business establishments in Fort Worth, from small restaurants to large corporate offices. They inform people that specific amenities are available for them to use. Having gender-specific or unisex bathroom signs increases customer satisfaction and employee morale because they will feel that the company cares about their basic needs.

Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from some type of visual impairment, making it harder for them to identify rooms and directions. Luckily, the Americans with Disabilities Act strictly mandates the compliance of specific design, fabrication, and installation details to assist these people. Listed below are some of the essential characteristics of office bathroom signs.

ADA Office Bathroom Signs with Non-Glaring Materials

This ensures that your signs are visible from different angles, even if there are several light fixtures. A few examples of non-reflective materials include frosted acrylic, cast acrylic, high-pressure laminate, and Corian.

ADA-Compliant Custom Bathroom Signs Must Feature Simple Fonts

The fonts should not have additional designs or embellishments to avoid confusion. It should be sans serif and not bold, italic, script, or oblique. Arial and Helvetica are popularly used in many gender-specific or unisex bathroom signs.

Braille on All ADA Restroom Signs

According to the law, braille should be present on all permanent spaces or accessibility features in a facility. Since restrooms are permanent, they must feature braille lines below the texts they correspond to.

Universal Symbols on Your ADA-Compliant Restroom Signs

To avoid misunderstandings, you should incorporate symbols that people all across the globe can generally understand. This is crucial since you can expect workers or customers from different states or countries.

ADA Bathroom Signs with Contrasting Colors

There must be a good contrast between the background and text hues of your custom bathroom signs to make them more readable and easier on the eyes. A good example could be white text on a black background.

Where Can I Find the Best ADA Bathroom Signs “Near Me”?

OakSpy Signs & Graphics is your trusted supplier of high-quality visual communication tools in Fort Worth. Unlike other printing shops, we offer a complete range of sign-making solutions, such as design and installation. This means you don’t have to worry about hiring another professional or entity when working with us.

ADA restroom signs have very precise requirements, which is why you cannot simply trust sign-makers who lack experience and expertise. The good news is that OakSpy Signs & Graphics can confidently make your ADA bathroom signs down to the last detail. With us, you don’t have to worry about facing fines, complaints, and other problems associated with poorly made ADA signs.

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