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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Lobby Sign for Your Office

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Lobby signs are used for greeting and welcoming guests or customers and are also effective at highlighting your brand. Read the tips below to help you choose the right lobby sign for your business. 

1. Be Consistent and Unique

Incorporate your brand colors and logo in the signage to strengthen your brand or to draw more customers in. Lobby signs must also fit your industry — if you are offering professional services, the signage must reflect this. Unique signage may also entice more visitors. Check out the reception area signs of similar businesses to see if you can draw inspiration but create something unique for your brand. 

2. Determine Your Target Audience

One of the keys to designing effective lobby signs is to know who you are creating them for. The lobby signs must appeal to your target audience so that potential customers are more likely to remember you and your brand. Start-ups or IT companies, for instance, usually go for something glossy and sleek to attract more clients. 

3. Make Sure It’s Suitable for Your Space

Lobby signs are usually the first thing customers see, so ensure they stand out. The type of wall and the wall’s color play a role in helping you design the right signage for your lobby. The signage must create an impact and not look out of place. If you have bright brand colors and a brighter wall, consider having signage with darker colors as well.

4. Must Align With Current and Future Goals

If you want to create more awareness for your brand, using 3D letters can add drama and depth. You can also use illumination when planning your unique sign. Choose the right lobby signs that have the right look but also align with company goals — for example, you may want to also highlight your mission statement in the lobby to create the right impression for your visitors.

It would also help to familiarize yourself with the different materials you can choose for your sign. Metal is common in law offices, while wood is ideal for traditional businesses. If you prefer something modern, go with acrylic or vinyl. 

5. Work With a Reliable and Trusted Signage Company 

Look for a signage company that offers a wide range of options and prioritizes reinforcing your brand. Read reviews if possible to ensure the company doesn’t cut corners when designing and installing office lobby signs. Most importantly, make sure they offer customized solutions and installation services.

Start Designing Lobby Signs

There are three main elements to remember when designing lobby signs for businesses: color, branding, and placement. Work with an experienced signage company that can incorporate these elements to create and install your custom lobby signs. Get in touch with OakSpy Signs & Graphics today