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Things to Consider While Picking Your Reception Signs

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Lobby signs are indoor visual marketing tools that function as the first point of interaction with leads as they enter your facility. They play a significant role in influencing customers’ perception of your brand and purchase decisions. These signs also reassure them about any presumptions they have about the company upon seeing your outdoor signs or other advertising materials. However, you can only successfully attain all of those when your custom reception signs have specific qualities. Listed below are some of the most important factors that should be present in your signage investments.

Prioritize Your Signature Branding Elements

From your slogan and trademark to your values and color palette, lobby signs should beautifully showcase all of these elements. It is because they function as your company’s brand representative. Thus, your interior reception signs should put your company’s best foot forward and solidify your unique personality. In doing so, you can expect to boost brand recognition and reinforcement, which can help keep your patrons in the long run. Visual cohesiveness in your lobby area will also help customers identify your brand from direct and indirect competitors.

Provide the Most Vital Information with Reception & Lobby Signs

Aside from solidifying your brand, these signs should also indicate important business-related details that customers want to learn about right away. Some information can include:

  • Rules inside of your establishment.
  • Company’s mission and vision.
  • Products and services that are available for purchase.
  • Queueing guidelines.
  • Contact numbers.

Create a Positive and Memorable Impression with Clients

A fantastic way to utilize your interior reception signs is by incorporating design and installation strategies that customers will easily recall even after leaving the premises of your establishment. These can include wall decals with witty quotes, colorful murals that narrate your history, and interactive LED displays that feature your latest product campaigns. If you want more ideas, our Fort Worth team is here to guide you through the best types of signs that suit your needs.

Your Go-To Source for Reception & Lobby Signs

More than just choosing the right lobby area signs for your shop, store, or facility, it is also crucial that you work with a reliable signage partner who can achieve your marketing goals and solve your communication issues. 

OakSpy Signs & Graphics has been producing a wide variety of practical signage solutions for many establishments in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Our custom reception signs are fabricated from the finest quality materials and top-of-the-line machinery to ensure that their quality stays consistent every time. We are committed to a customer-centric approach in all the projects we handle, to ensure that you get the most out of your signage investments.

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