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8 Monumental Signs That Will Blow Your Mind

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Monument business signs are permanent marketing tools installed directly on the ground. They effectively pique the interest of motorists and passersby, and are strategically installed to invite these individuals to park or walk up to the storefront. Listed below are some of the most popular monument signage types we offer here at OakSpy Signs & Graphics.

Monument Signs: Materials to Consider

  1. Wooden Monument Signs

For brands that want to promote their rustic image or create a vintage appeal at their shopfront, we highly recommend that you have them made with wood. OakSpy Signs & Graphics can make your visual marketing tools last longer by treating the wood with special solutions. This way, they stay looking pristine despite daily exposure to dirt, pollution, heat, and rain.

  • Pillar-Style Monument Signs

These outdoor signs feature two identical pillars fabricated from stone, cement, or brick. Our team can customize the shape to be square, rectangular, round, or oval. They are typically used by shopping malls, stores, hospitals, and hotels. What’s great about them is that you can display your ads on both sides of the structure to double your marketing potential.

  • Acrylic Outdoor Signage

For brands that want to invest in fun, colorful, and eye-catching visual communication tools, we highly recommend that you have them made with acrylic. These long-standing signs are resistant to inclement weather and other outdoor elements. They are perfect for logos and ads with more complex designs.

  • Concrete Signs

If you are looking for a strong and versatile material, you should opt for concrete. While some might say that it looks outdated, the right design and placement can surely transform them to look more contemporary, especially since the industrial aesthetic is extremely popular these days. To learn more about these modern monument signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

  • HDU signage

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option? These monument signs are specially fabricated from high-density urethane material, otherwise known as HDU. They are naturally waterproof and sturdy, yet will not cost your business a whole lot of money. You can choose between smooth and textured backgrounds, as well as various colors and shapes.

  • Aluminum Monument Signage

Aluminum material is a fantastic option for brands that want to invest in visual communication tools that have a sleek and modern appearance. What’s great about these metal monument signs is that they are resistant to heat and rain, incredibly durable, and lightweight.

  • Stainless Steel and Metal Monument Signs

Are you looking for signage that has a shiny and metallic finish that glistens under the sun or when hit by street lighting or vehicle headlights? These stainless steel signs are dense, long-lasting, and surprisingly hardwearing, making them great for creating a sense of permanency for your brand.

  • Digital Signs

These modern monument signs combine the best qualities of modern and traditional advertising. The LCD screens display crips, vivid, and high-definition video advertisements and image slideshows. They can even be used to showcase moving graphics and texts. Having them outside the facility effectively grabs the attention of motorists and passersby, giving your business the attention it deserves.

Where Can You Find the Best Monument Signs Near Me?

OakSpy Signs & Graphics is not your ordinary signage maker in Dallas and Fort Worth. We take the time to learn about who you are as a company, what makes you stand out from others, what type of solutions you need, and what you want to achieve as a business. In doing so, we are able to formulate the best signage strategies that will generate long-term, profitable, and quantifiable results.

Are you ready to invest in high-quality monument signage? Book a consultation today!